Investigator and Computer Forensics in Pembroke Pines, Plantation, Pompano Beach FL

An investigator has to have a good knowledge of computer forensics

Sometimes you need to find evidence to substantiate or disprove your suspicions.  Finding evidence is not always easy, especially if the evidence does not want to be found. In such cases it can be beneficial to seek the services of a private investigator.

Saffron Investigations offers investigative services in Pembroke Pines, Plantation, Pompano Beach Fl, Sunrise Fl and Weston Fl.

An investigator can also prove invaluable in everyday cases such as personal injury claims, auto accidents as and background checks. Private investigators use a range of skills to find, uncover, analyse and present information and evidence.  Apart from specific tasks such as surveillance and tracking an investigator also has to have experience and knowledge of computer forensics.

These days just about every person uses a digital device and most of the information we deal with is transmitted via networks and stored somewhere on a computer or on some electronic device. So it comes as no surprise that valuable evidence can be found on digital devices, be it on notebooks, smart phones, tablets, large networks or even in the cloud.

Computer forensics is the science of finding, analysing and presenting digital information or evidence that can be used to solve a case. If a case goes to court then evidence must also be admissible.

Evidence can be found in emails, instant messages, user files, images as well as on social networks and other places where digital information is stored. It not just the contents of the files that could be of interest to an investigator, but also the Meta data associated with those files and documents. For example an investigator may want to know who accessed a file or from which location. Other Meta data such as when a file was last edited or saved could prove invaluable in a forensics investigation.

Computer forensics can find application in just about any type of case, but the most common applications include those involving hacking, internet fraud, industrial espionage, copyright infringements, intellectual property theft and so on.