Fraud Investigations

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Fraud Investigations


Fraud related crimes are on the rise. Like identity theft, not only can it cost you money, it can damage your credit for years. At Saffron investigations, we utilize hand picked investigators with years of fraud related investigative experience. Whether your bank account was compromised, or you fell victim to a ponzi scheme, our investigators have the experience you need to get results. If you fall Victim to any type of fraud, our investigators walk you through each step of the painstaking process. From reporting the initial crime to law enforcement, to following leads and finalizing the case, our investigators lead the way. Why take a chance with a novice investigator, hire investigators you can trust . Saffron investigations is fully committed to solving your investigative needs.



Fraud Related Services

Identity theft
check fraud
forgery cases
mortgage fraud
commercial bust outs
title fraud
flim flam scams
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