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Cheating Spouse Investigations

Do you think your significant other is being unfaithful ?

Has your partners routine suddenly changed?

Having a hard time reaching your partner on the phone?

Is your partner screening calls or taking  so called business calls in private?

Is your partner spending more time at so called work related functions?

Has your partners interest in you diminished?


If any one or a combination of several of the above signs of cheating are occurring in your relationship, it may be time to start looking into your partners daily activity. We understand how difficult and painful it is dealing with the possibility of betrayal, that’s why we treat these types of investigations in a special discreet fashion. At Saffron Investigations, we specialize  in discreet covert surveillance cases. During the case, like all other cases, client information remains strictly confidential. Allow us to collect the evidence you need to move on in peace. We offer affordable investigative packages suitable for every clients needs.

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