Accident Investigator and Car Crash Detective in Miami, FL

logoWith around 5.5 million residents, the Miami Metropolitan area is the fourth largest urban area in the U.S. In addition, 4 out of 5 Floridians are licensed drivers. So, it should come as no surprise that Miami-Dade is Florida’s deadliest county when it comes to traffic fatalities. With so many accidents occurring each day, Miami car crashes are not always thoroughly investigated. If you’ve been involved in a car crash in the Miami area, you deserve to have your case reviewed by an experience, unbiased car crash accident investigator. You deserve a detailed, unbiased investigation from one of the personal injury detectives at Saffron Investigations. In fact, we have worked with local residents and attorneys to provide car crash attorney support services and detailed reports to help our clients build their case. From Little Havana to the Upper East Side, Downtown Miami to Coconut Grove, wherever you are in the Miami area, the car crash detectives at Saffron Investigations are at your service!

As an experienced car crash and personal injury investigator, Saffron Investigations has developed a professional process to thoroughly and expertly evaluate all types of auto accidents. First, our car crash investigator, revisits the scene of the accident to evaluate the area, take photographs and review the perspectives of each of the vehicles involved in the collision. Then they canvas the area to find additional witnesses, survey the road conditions and determine if any local surveillance video is available for review. Your experienced personal injury accident investigator will also document any hazards that may have been contributing factors to the accident, including improperly posted signs, pot holes, blind intersections, etc. After all aspects of the accident are evaluated, the accident investigator will present their findings in a comprehensive report. We also offer personal injury attorney support services and can translate our findings, as well as assist with any requested claims management.

Whether it is a minor collision or fatal accident, At Saffron Investigations, we believe that you deserve to have all the facts, and our car crash investigator services are designed to provide you with just that. Wherever you are in the Greater Miami Metropolitan area, we can provide you with timely, professional service, and the resources and support you need to move forward with your insurance claim or court case. Contact us today to get started. We appreciate the opportunity to meet your accident investigator needs and exceed your expectations.