User Agreements Research Contract For Services by a Private Detective and Private Investigator

Investigation; Surveillance; And Research Contract For Services by a Private Detective and Private Investigator for User Agreements

The purpose of this Agreement is to state the terms and conditions under which the
CLIENT has employed the CONTRACTOR, Saffron Investigations, LLC, to perform
services as investigators or investigative consults. IN CONSIDERATION of the services
rendered and to be rendered to, the CLIENT does hereby assign and convey to said
CONTRACTOR, as its compensation herein the following; An agreed upon RETAINER
is to be paid to CONTRACTOR upon commencement of investigative services to be
performed for the CLIENT. The RETAINER paid by the CLIENT shall be debited by
gross billable services performed and case related expenses incurred by the
CONTRACTOR to be charged at the following rates : Note, investigative hourly rates
begin at $75.00 per hour, case investigative hourly rates are determined by the
complexity of the assignment.The agreed upon hourly rate will be stipulated prior to
commencement of any work in one of the two following ways;
(1) written contract.
(2) Payment for services received from the CLIENT via the websites payment portal,
CLIENT will enter his/her name followed with the agreed upon hourly rate. example:
John Doe $125hr
$75.00 per hour, 1 investigator for field service. (Note: We charge Door to Door).
$125.00 per hour, 1 investigator for field service. ( Note: We charge Door to Door).
$50.00 per hour, 2nd and additional persons for field service
$0.50 per mile, per vehicle for mileage. (Note: Mileage is charged Door to Door.)
Any tolls, parking fees, and any other misc minor fees incurred by the Contractor or his
designee during the course of the investigation will be billed at the cost incurred.
$75.00 per hour for any Investigative or Research time conducted on the case.
75.00 per hour for Office/Clerical time associated to case. (Example: phone calls, emails,
report writing.)Actual Cost for any and all expenses incurred for the investigation, for
investigative data search reports (phone search, persons search, property search,
etc).FURTHERMORE, Client understands and hereby acknowledges, that the fees
charged by CONTRACTOR are based on the amount of time expended on their behalf
relating to this matter including, but not limited to; investigation time, travel time, in
person and telephone consultation time, report preparation and rendering, evidence
processing, depositions, court appearance time, and any subpoenaed appearances, now or
in the future. Court appearances on behalf of CLIENT, subpoenaed or otherwise, are
billed at $500.00 per day per subpoenaed investigator. CLIENT fully understands that the
investigation fees may exceed the above-referenced RETAINER and that at such time as
the RETAINER has been expended, CONTRACTOR will CEASE all investigating
activities until such time as CLIENT can be notified and another RETAINER can be
paid; to be charged against services rendered at the rates stipulated in the preceding
paragraphs. Pursuant to and in compliance with Florida State Law, applicable State Sales
Tax, depending on the County in which services were provided, of the gross amount due
on each invoice shall be charged. CLIENT fully understands and asserts that NO
representations have been made by CONTRACTOR to CLIENT as to the ultimate
success of the investigation and that CLIENT shall pay all fees for investigative services
performed regardless of the success of the investigation. CLIENT fully understands and
agrees that at NO TIME will CLIENT or one of their REPRESENTATIVES show up at
any surveillance location during times at which surveillance is being conducted, nor will
they contact the SUBJECT of the investigation or let the SUBJECT of the investigation
know that they are under investigation. Doing so would place not only the investigation
in jeopardy, but could compromise the safety of the investigator(s). CLIENT agrees that
if this clause is broken, it will IMMEDIATELY terminate the investigation and ALL
REFUND.CLIENT fully understands and agrees that at NO TIME will CLIENT be
UNTRUTHFUL in regards to any information given to CONTRACTOR. This includes
but is not limited to, WHY the CLIENT is pursuing the investigation or requesting
services. Certain investigations are available ONLY with permissible purposes, and
although contractor makes every effort to verify and validate that all requests are
compliant, CONTRACTOR relies heavily on the information supplied by CLIENT in the
consultation phase. CLIENT agrees that if this clause is broken, it will IMMEDIATELY
terminate the investigation and ALL USED AND UNUSED RETAINERS WILL BE
FORFEITED WITH NO REFUND.THE TERMS of this Agreement shall END when
RETAINER has been exhausted, the Investigation has been completed, or one or both
parties have decided to terminate the Investigation. If the investigation terminates for any
reason before the RETAINER has been exhausted, the TOTAL DUE for services,
(including any and all taxes, and expenditures), will be subtracted from the original
RETAINER amount .The first $500.00, (FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS), of the
RETAINER is NON-REFUNDABLE. If the investigation terminates before the first
$500.00 has been applied towards the investigation, an INVESTIGATIVE CREDIT will
be issued to CLIENT for future investigative services. If the client paid more than a
$500.00 RETAINER and the balance due is more than $500, but less than the total
RETAINER amount, a refund is due to Client .A REFUND in the amount leftover will be
issued to the CLIENT within 7 (Seven) business days, when RETAINERS were paid with
CASH or CREDIT CARD. Refunds on unused RETAINERS paid via personal or
business check will not be refunded until such time as the personal or business check has
cleared the bank. Client agrees that any unused RETAINER amount will be requested BY
CLIENT in writing within 30 Days of the termination of the investigation, or 30 Days
from the date of last activity by Contractor. After 30 Days all remaining funds will be
forfeited. CLIENT is entitled to a written report, ($20.00 per report under 25 pages
mailed), upon request and any pertinent documentation, as a result of this investigation.
CONTRACTOR shall provide CLIENT with investigative services which may result in:
written reports, recorded statements, documents, photographic, video, audio, and related
materials, as set forth by the terms and conditions below. CLIENT agrees that all reports
will be submitted and received subject to the conditions of this Agreement. Reports may
be delivered via US Mail, faxed upon consent from CLIENT, emailed, hand delivered ,
downloaded from our contracted secure server, or delivered telephonically. Whenever
possible, verbal or investigator written reports will be provided within 2 days after the
conclusion of an activity. On most occasions, daily investigator updates are available for
the CLIENT to view. The investigation may be terminated at any given time by the
CLIENT upon written or verbal notification to the proper representative of
CONTRACTOR. Immediately following a verbal termination, a prompt written response
shall be required from CLIENT for verbal termination to be effective and shall be sent to
Saffron Investigations, LLc, 2231 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood Florida 33020, via
certified mail, return receipt requested or via e-mail. SECURITY: CONTRACTOR will
not provide information that could result in harm or confrontation, such as current
location of an offending party. In people locate cases such as “lost loves” and adoption
cases, CONTRACTOR reserves the right to contact the person located and allow them
the right to refuse contact. Should contact be refused, CLIENT acknowledges that this
contract has been fulfilled, and payment due. Sensitive personal information such as
Social Security Numbers will be maintained in CONTRACTOR’s files and supplied on
an “as needed” basis. CLIENT understands that knowingly supplying false, misleading or
incomplete statements or information to CONTRACTOR relating to said assignment will
result in immediate termination of said assignment and forfeiture of all retainers and
money paid to CONTRACT DISCLAIMER: In the course of an investigation,
CONTRACTOR may use and rely upon information obtained from a variety of sources,
including but not limited to judicial and other public records, the Internet, prior
employers and private investigators. Although CONTRACTOR endeavors to utilize
sources of information known for reliability and timeliness, we cannot, and do not,
warrant or guarantee the accuracy of any information used in compiling our reports, nor
the accuracy of any report based, in whole or in part, on such information. Further, by
contracting for any of our services, CLIENT expressly acknowledges, (a) that
CONTRACTOR does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any
information used in the preparation of its reports, and (b) that CLIENT waives and
releases CONTRACTOR from and in respect of any and all claims, demands, and causes
of action, of whatsoever kind or nature, based on the accuracy or inaccuracy of any
information obtained by CONTRACTOR from any third party or source and any
recommendation made by CONTRACTOR with reference thereto. CLIENT further
understands that Federal and state laws and regulations require that anyone requesting a
background report regarding a third party must have a permissible and legitimate reason
for doing so. By contracting for any service which may require CONTRACTOR to obtain
information regarding any third party, CLIENT warrants and represents to
CONTRACTOR that CLIENT has a legitimate and permissible purpose in requesting us
to obtain such information on CLIENT’s behalf. INDEMNIFICATION: CLIENT agrees
that CLIENT’S request for information is permitted by law, and that CLIENT intends to
use the information for a purpose permitted by law, and no other purpose.
CONTRACTOR assumes no liability arising out of the use of CONTRACTOR’s work
product, by CLIENT or others. CLIENT, CLIENT’S heirs, beneficiaries, devisees,
legatees, administrators and assigns, or any user of the work product provided to
CLIENT by CONTRACTOR agree to indemnify and hold CONTRACTOR, its officers,
agents, subcontractors and employees harmless from any and all causes of action,
liabilities, claims, damages and demands or whatever type, including attorney fees,
expenses, costs, and judgments arising from CLIENT’S use or possession of the
information furnished by CONTRACTOR.CONTRACTOR hereby represents and
warrants that it has been issued a CLASS “C” LICENSE NUMBER: C1300051, by the
Florida department of Agriculture), that such license is current, has not been terminated,
and that all fees applicable to the issuance of said license or requisite to the maintenance
of said license has been complied with. CLIENT agrees that CONTRACTOR is engaged
solely by yourself, your company or firm, regardless of any third party’s ability and/or
willingness to pay, and further agrees that if any monies owed are not paid by you or your
company within thirty days after request is rendered, they will be subject to the maximum
legal interest rate per month and you will be responsible for any reasonable expenses
associated with collections including, but not limited to, our time at our standard hourly
rate and all attorney fees and costs related to collection of any past due amounts from
CLIENT. A failure to pay will void confidentiality. CLIENT warrants that CLIENT is in a
position to enter into this contract on behalf of CLIENT &/or CLIENT’S FIRM, and has
the authority to hire CONTRACTOR. CLIENT personally guarantees payment. Client
waives the right to charge back funds or stop payment on checks. All payments are final.
CLIENT is advised that inquiries or complaints may be directed to the Florida
Department of Agriculture and consumer services. CLIENT agrees to reimburse
CONTRACTOR for costs incurred (including attorney’s fees) to collect any past due
amounts from CLIENT. Client also agrees that the Place of Venue for any and all legal
disputes will be Broward County, Florida. DISCLAIMER: This contract does not
constitute an attorney- client relationship, or a Florida private investigator –
client relationship. As Florida private investigators, we recommend that you
seek competent legal counsel for advice on any legal matter. Saffron
Investigations, LLC is a licensed Florida based Private Investigations agency. We
do not provide our clients with legal advise, we provide our clients with an
unbiased investigative product.
This Contract contains the entire agreement of the parties, and there are no other
promises or conditions in any other agreement whether oral or written concerning the
subject matter of this Contract. This Contract supersedes any prior written or oral
agreements between the parties. The Client by clicking the green Pay Now tab or button
agrees to the terms of this agreement.