Missing Persons Investigations

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Missing persons investigations

Our goal at Saffron Investigations is to find your loved one. We utilize  decades of combined law enforcement investigative experience to Find your loved one and restore peace to your life. Our investigators work closely with several National missing persons organizations as well as specialized units within the law enforcement community when woorking your case. We specialize in locating missing & exploited children, cult and gang influenced absences , parental abduction, child sex trafficking rescues, runaway teens, and missing adults.


Parental Child Abduction Recovery

Children are most vulnerable to abduction by their own parents During break ups and divorces.  During parental relationship disputes, emotions run high and judgement can become clouded. Our investigators work side by side with attorneys  and law enforcement agencies to bring a quick resolution to these most sensitive cases.


Sex Trafficking and Runaways

Sex trafficking is no longer a term reserved to describe the treatment of woman and children from third world countries. Sex trafficking has become an American problem resulting in thousands of our children falling prey to these organized criminal systems. Runaways to the South Florida area seeking  a lucrative modeling career can find themselves solicited by these types of organizations. When investigating these types of cases, our investigators liaison with State and local authorities in an attempt to share as much information as possible. We are dedicated to finding your loved one.


Missing Persons Organizations

Outpost for Hope


Doe Network

Project Edan

Peace4 The Missing

UNT Center for Human Identification




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