Accident and Personal Injury Investigator in Fort Lauderdale, FL

logoFort Lauderdale is a very popular destination for tourists and snowbirds. While that’s great for the local economy, it can have it drawbacks for Fort Lauderdale residents. Tourists not only mean more cars on I-95, Federal Highway and A1A, but it also means more drivers on the road who don’t know exactly where they are going, and that can result in more auto accidents. If you find yourself involved in a collision or if you are an injury lawyer, representing a client who has been in an accident, Saffron Investigations is here to help!

Whether you’ve been injured in an accident, someone else is claiming injury from a vehicle collision you were involved in, or your Florida Crash Report contains inaccurate or undocumented information, you have the right to conduct an investigation. As an experienced accident investigator, Saffron Investigations will conduct a thorough investigation and evaluation of the police officer’s crash report. Our car crash accident investigators understand what it takes to evaluate accident scene, collect witness testimony and review all leads and evidence. In fact, we have earned a reputation throughout the Greater Fort Lauderdale area, as the trusted choice in car crash attorney support services, and we have lent our car crash detective expertise to a number of local law firms over the years. So, you can be confident that Saffron Investigations can help collect solid evidence that will stand up in a Fort Lauderdale court, whether you are up against another individual or the insurance company.

An auto accident can affect you physically, financially and emotionally, and the ramifications can sometimes last a lifetime. At Saffron Investigations, we believe that you deserve to have your accident handled by a trained and skilled car crash investigator. Not only do we provide personal injury attorney support services, but we can also follow up on false injury claims that could result in a judgement against you. If you are being sued for personal injury, our personal injury detectives can investigate those claims and make sure you aren’t being scammed. If the claimant is bike riding around Los Olas, kayaking at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park or golfing at Coral Ridge Country Club, our personal injury investigators make it their business to find out.

In a perfect world, reports would be filed correctly, evidence would be collected properly, and individuals wouldn’t misrepresent their injuries to try and make a few dollars. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world. That’s why you need a dedicated Ft. Lauderdale personal injury accident investigator on your side. That’s why you need Saffron Investigations. Contact us today to get started