Vendor True Verification Investigator

Vendor True Verification Investigator by a Private Detective and Private Investigator Serving Coral Springs, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Plantation, Pompano Beach, Sunrise, Weston & Surrounding Areas


image Don’t Get Scammed ! As you have heard in recent years, South Florida has gained the reputation of being what some are calling the fraud capital of the world. Not only do major credit card and identity theft fraud rings operate in our region, but so does an exotic form of the traditional “Bust Out” scam. As a vendor, when corresponding via fax and telephonic means, how do you know that the soliciting vendor on the other end of the line is who he or she claims to be. Just because you receive a business profile fax from a potential client which lists several positive credit references , how do you know that this information is accurate ? Business identity theft is an up and coming fraud issue that has the potential of becoming , if not addressed, a National epidemic. Business identity theft has caused many small businesses to fold and others to lose millions of dollars in lost merchandise. Our investigators have a proven method of unveiling these types of scammers. Michael, Saffron Investigations founder, successfully identified and assisted in the prosecution of a South Florida “Bust Out” fraud ring that cost over 1000 Victim’s in excess of 55 million dollars worth of lost merchandise. As a vendor, you simply can’t afford to take a chance, have us conduct an ” Accurate Vendor Site Survey” Before you make a decision to send your merchandise.