False Arrest Investigator in Broward, Florida, Miami, Palm Beach and Surrounding Areas

Have you been falsely arrested? Are you facing police brutality or any other sort of misconduct by them? Then, you should investigate the truth and save yourself. However, this will not possible for you as long as you are arrested. You need a false arrest investigator who can understand the situation and gather sufficient evidence to prove your innocence. We, at Saffron Investigations, can help. We have state licensed efficient and experienced private investigators comprising former detectives, federal agents, and police officers. So, with our deep understanding of how the local law enforcement agencies work, we can provide you with the help you deserve. If you are based in areas including Broward, Florida, Miami, or Palm Beach, then you can rely on us.

However, if you have not faced such a situation before, you will not know how to pick the right company for this job. So, here we have put together a few tips on choosing the right investigators for all kinds of false arrests. Take a look.

1. Look for Proper License

Before you hand over such a crucial responsibility to a company, you should realize that it is a matter of your life and that is why only professionals should be given the responsibility of handling your false arrest investigations. So, check whether the company you are considering has the requisite license or not.

2. Check their Knowledge & Awareness

Next, you have to make sure that the investigators handling your case are well-aware of the law and how the law enforcement agencies function. Make sure your investigators are familiar with the police codes, CAD reports, radio transmissions, and police reports. Without understanding these, he or she will not be able to gather the evidence you need.

So, if you think that we have the requisite knowledge to handle your case, then quickly contact us today.