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Co-Founder & Senior Investigator

Saffron investigations was founded by retired South Florida law Enforcement Detective Michael Moloney. Michael has almost 30 years of combined Military and law enforcement experience.

Michael T. Moloney, a former U.S.M.C. Specialized Operations 2nd Force Reconnaissance team member, received some of the best surveillance and reporting training in the world… earning numerous unit citations and individual awards to include the Navy Achievement Medal.

As a law enforcement detective, Michael worked as a lead Investigator in the Robbery, Organized Criminal Fraud, and Economic Crime Units. Michael successfully investigated and assisted in the prosecution of highly sophisticated organized crime cases as well as sensitive public corruption cases. Michael earned numerous law enforcement Unit citations and individual awards to include the U.S. Secret Service Investigative excellence award.

Saffron Investigations takes great pride in being a multicultural South Florida based investigative firm. Our firm believes that our strength as a firm lies in our diversity. At Saffron, we use words like committed, discipline, and determined to describe our investigators. Our investigators are former law enforcement detectives, former special forces military personnel, and some of the most seasoned local investigators in the business. In this profession, if you don’t love what you do, you will never be successful.

Saffron’s mission statement is simple, to provide our clients with an industry leading investigative product in a timely and affordable fashion. At Saffron, we understand the value and correlation between time and money, all our investigations are monitored daily and sometimes hourly by Michael.

Saffron’s professional & ethical standards are of the Highest in the industry, our ties to the South Florida community run deep and rich. Our investigators take a lot of pride in their performance. Our firm does not accept every case, If we don’t believe we can provide a client with the desired results, we will not take the case.

Michael continues to maintain his law enforcement ties by serving as a Reserve Officer with the Hialeah Police Dept.

At Saffron Investigations, our clients’ satisfaction is our NUMBER ONE priority. We look forward to assisting you with your investigative needs.


Co-Founder & Senior Investigator

Burt* is a former Special Forces Sergeant (Paratrooper) and undercover Police Officer with a Federal Agency, who received many commendations during is career. He completed an extensive training on undercover operations (which taught him how to understand psychological challenges, identify difficulties, and practice undercover operations risk management principals).

He has also received training in investigation and dignitary protection, and more recently, he completed training on the extraction of information from Portable Electronic Devices using state of the art equipment.

Currently, Burt is developing and providing investigation solutions for International Governmental Agencies (Law Enforcement and Military), and he is a licensed Private Investigator in the State of Florida.

Burt is an active member of the International Police Association (IPA), and of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA).


VP – Certified Digital Forensic Specialist

Chris* is also a developer of utility Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets, including an app that provides device owners a method of seeing malware or unintended apps on their devices that may be sending out personal data without their knowledge. C. FLA is also the founding President of a Digital Crime Investigation Association Chapter and a Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) with the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners (ISFCE).

Additionally, he is a Certified Computer Crime Scene Technician (CCCT) with the High Technology Crime Institute, and a Certified Forensic Hacking Computer Investigator (CHFI) with the EC Council.


CTO – Forensic Expert & Crime Scene Investigation Operations Director

Fab* is a former Crime Scene Investigator with 30+ years of experience working for a major city Police Department in the South Florida area. He has conducted thousands of investigations on High Profile major crimes such as Homicides, Police Involved Shootings, and Sexual Batteries, and has spent countless hours testifying in court. F. NLS’s experience has made him an expert at analyzing and evaluating any type of crime scene report. He is also a licensed private investigator with the State of Florida, and is a member of the International Association for
Investigations (IAI).


VP – Senior Investigator and Law Enforcement Specialist

Jo* is a former Undercover Investigator with 35+ years of experience working for a major city Police Department in the South Florida area.

Among several duty assignments and training schools, he served with honor and pride in various circumstances.

Jo has working on private sector for over 25 years. Throughout is career, Jo has developed a reputation for discretion, effectiveness and efficiency, and has maintained an impeccable record.

His expertise on “Law Enforcement Standard Operating Procedures” is a clear advantage to investigate any law enforcement actions in order to determinate if everything was done “by the book”.


Data Analyst & Background Check Specialist

Shan*, who was train both in Europe and in America as a Private Investigator, gives her an extensive knowledge and how we have to build a case. She is specializes in Internet Searches, Social Media and Data Analysis in order to find relevant information and to draft, when necessary, comprehensive diagrams to clearly present a case and all ramifications.



(*) All names and pictures are kept confidential for obvious reasons. All necessary additional information will be disclosed to our client during the introduction meeting


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