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Hiring a private investigator for child custody

Any separation or divorce is hard in someone’s life. Even if the separation was a calm one, and it was the best solution, it still hurts. But what if it is a messy divorce and you are caught in a custody fight for you children? The best solution is to hire a private investigator along with your divorce attorney. Together they can reduce the false accusations, get as many information as possible and ensure the child’s well-being.

Child custody private investigators are educated to search and detected child abuse, substance and alcohol abuse, neglect or any other behavior that can put at risk a child. The investigation can bring to light any act of endangering and it can save a child’s life.

How does it work a child custody investigation?

A private investigator can gather valuable information during exchanges and visitation about how the child is being treated by the other parent. He can interview witnesses, run backgrounds checks for both parents, questioning the other parent in order to get evidence if the child was mistreated in any way. Then he will determinate if the environment is suitable for the child to live in, if the home and the people living and visiting it are decent.

Video surveillance is the most common tool for proving the parent’s behavior while the kid is in their care. A private investigator will see if the parent is engaging in any reckless conduct exposing the child to inappropriate action. He will keep a record of the child’s bruises or injuries too.
Besides the investigation is legal and the documentation obtained can be use in a court of law. If it is necessary the private investigator can provide expert court testimony. Because they work directly with an attorney they can build up a case for prosecution.

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