Private Detective for Pompano Beach, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, FL

A competent detective has a sound knowledge of computer forensics

If you need the services of a detective in Broward, Coral Springs FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Hollywood FL, Miami, Pembroke Pines FL, Plantation FL, Pompano Beach FL, Sunrise FL or Weston FL you should speak to the experts at Saffron Investigations.  Whatever the nature of your case, they will have the right detective for you.

A private detective often has to deal with cases involving domestic or business issues. These could be insurance fraud, company fraud, employee theft, infidelity, divorce investigations, child custody, missing person cases and even basic tasks such as pre-employment screening and background checks.

In our digital and connected computer forensics play an important and often pivotal role in private investigations. We store a wealth of information on various electronic media and this means there is a wealth of evidence stored on various computers and networks across the globe. Finding, decoding and analysing this electronic information is what computer forensics is all about.

You will want to deal with a detective that has a strong knowledge of computer forensics. Sometimes a detective will work with an IT specialist who knows how to decrypt and decode encrypted information.

Most electronic information is stored in files of different formats. Apart from the information contained in the files themselves, the files also have valuable Meta data associated with them such as date of last access, file size and other file properties. Date and time stamps can easily be changed when you access electronic files and a skilled detective will be well aware of the implication of modifying Meta data. Preserving the validity of electronic data is another important aspect of computer forensics especially when such information will be used as evidence in court of law.

Apart from computer forensics there are many other skills required to conduct a successful and discrete private investigation. These include things such as surveillance, camera work, video work, tracking, tracing, bugging and more.