Private detective in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach, FL

A private detective can find the evidence you need to close your case

There could me many possible reasons why one might need the services of a private detective. These could be matters such as personal injury, infidelity, child custody, background checks, insurance claims and host of other things. When you need to establish the facts beyond doubt the services of a private investigator and prove invaluable.

Personal injury is a good example of a situation where a private investigator can help. If your injury is caused by someone else’s negligence you will most likely be entitled to substantial compensation. A private investigator can collect and document the kind of evidence you need to prove your case and legally claim your compensation.

Quite often investigative work requires surveillance. A private detective is skilled in the art of surveillance and will also have the equipment needed to perform effective tracking and surveillance. You don’t want the suspect to know about the surveillance otherwise it will defeat the purpose. A skilled private investigator knows how to conduct both overt and coverts surveillance in order to gather the evidence you need to solve your case.

We live in a world where fraud is rife and on the rise. Whether it be offline or online, fraud can result in substantial loss for victims. There are many types of fraud that range from identity theft to credit card fraud, from false insurance claims to Ponzi schemes. Fraudsters are good at hiding their tracks or making it appear that you were simply negligent or that you agreed to something when in reality you did not. A PI can help you recover your losses and restore and damage to your name or credit record.

When you need to get to the real facts and the real truth a private investigator from Saffron can help.