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Tips every detective should follow in order to become a genuine crime-solving master

Detectives are well-known for their meticulosity, their attention to detail and mysterious-like behaviour. Although today’s investigators and their methods don’t seem to resemble Agatha Christie’s stories very much, they still need to follow certain tips and tricks in order to prove they have what it takes to go to the next level – become real life crime-solving geniuses.

The world of a private investigator, for example, revolves around 3 major elements that define and affect his everyday work – these elements are represented by clues or evidence, mystery or a situation that is unclear, unknown and yet to be revealed and finally, the evidence itself or the proof to help solve the case.

Here are some tips to help you go from a simple detective to a genuine crime-solving master:

  1. Make sure you use a new and clean fingerprint brush for each crime scene so that cross contamination of DNA does not occur.
  2. When you collect potential DNA evidence make sure you always use a clean, fresh swab and place it inside a cardboard or paper container for air drying.
  3. Make sure you use adhesive side powder for lifting prints from the sticky side of tapes, packing labels and so on.
  4. Pay attention not to talk, sneeze, yawn or cough over potential DNA evidence.
  5. You can use SPR or Wet Print to lift prints from wet surfaces.
  6. Regardless of the fact that embalmed bodies are not suitable for DNA testing, you can still get samples of DNA from the bone and hair
  7. Every single item found at a crime scene should be considered as evidence until it’s ruled as having no evidential value.

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