Investigator in Coral Gables, Broward, Fort Lauderdale FL

A private detective and skilled investigator will help you find the truth

When you need to find out things that others don’t want you to find out you may well need the help of a detective. If you need an investigator in Broward, Coral Springs FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Hollywood FL, Miami, Pembroke Pines FL, Plantation FL, Pompano Beach FL, Sunrise FL or Weston FL then Saffron Investigations can help. When you need to find the proverbial smoking gun you need a detective with the right background, training, skills and resources. That is the kind of investigator you will find at Saffron Investigations.

A private detective can help you with any type of case that requires thorough investigation. These include infidelity cases, child custody cases, accident investigations, pre-employment checks, fraud cases, identity theft, false claims, missing persons cases and plenty more.

A skilled and trained detective knows what to look for. The evidence is always somewhere and people make mistakes and leave a trail. An experienced investigator will quickly pick up on the trail. Apart from knowing where to look a skilled investigator also knows what to look for. He knows what evidence is important and what is irrelevant.

In finding, collecting and analysing evidence a skilled detective will use an array of methods and techniques. These include methods such as covert and overt surveillance, photography, video, stale-outs, forensics, tracking, tracing, interviewing and confronting. These are skills that can only be fine-tuned and honed through years of field work.  These are the skills that make the difference. These are the skills you get when you hire a detective from Saffron Investigations.

So when you need the truth don’t go it alone. Don’t suffer when help is at hand. The truth will set you free and one to get the truth is with the help of a skilled and trained investigator.