Private Detective: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach FL

Let a licensed and accredited private detective help solve your case

Sometimes things happen and these things can have a dramatic impact on your life. When you need to find out why something has happened or you need if to find out what you suspect is true or not you may well benefit from the services of a private detective.  Basically when you need to find out what others do not want you to find out then a private investigator can help. If you need to solve a case or a mystery in South Orange, NJ or Lansing, MI then you should speak to a private detective at Saffron Investigations. Even when you just need some basic information about somebody a private detective can help.

There are instances when the services of a private investigator can prove invaluable. Some things might be quite basic such as background check or a pre-employment check. Maybe you need an accident investigation to help determine liability. Do you suspect your spouse of lover is cheating on you?  Money is going missing from your business and you need to find out who is stealing from you? Maybe you are the victim of identity theft and you need to help to sort out the mess. Are try to find someone who has disappeared? Do you suspect your child is doing drugs? Whatever your situation, be it big or small, a private investigator can help solve your case or your mystery.  A PI can find the information you are looking for and can provide the evidence you need.

A private detective has the kind of resources and skills that are required for investigative work. These include field experience, forensics, surveillance, tracking, spying and many more. A PI also has the proper equipment such as tracking devices, listening devices, photographic equipment, forensic tools and more. A private investigator also has many contacts and knows who to talk to and where to look for the evidence you need to solve your case.