Detective and Computer Forensics in Hollywood FL

Computer forensics is part of a skilled detective’s armoury

We live in a highly connected digital world and it comes as no surprise that computer fraud and crimes are on the rise. Computer forensics is playing a bigger role in solving cases and mysteries than ever before. Computers, servers and networks store vast amounts of data and of course evidence.  People access computers every day and save important information. Some of this information may well be related to a crime or a case under investigation. In many cases this information may need to be unlocked. In today’s modern word a detective not only needs to master the usual skills of surveillance, tracking and following, but must also have skills related to computer forensics.

If you need the services of a private detective in Broward, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood Fl, or Miami, you need look no further than Saffron Investigations. They have skills and experience gained from many years’ service in Special Forces, police departments and practical field work.

Whatever the nature of your case, a private detective from Saffron can help. They deal with all types of cases including infidelity, missing persons, fraud, theft, insurance claims, personal injury, motor vehicle accidents and many more.

You want a private detective who is discreet and has the experience, resources and ability to solve your case in the fastest possible time. Investigative work requires special skills that can only be acquired after years of specialist work in the fields.  A private detective knows where to look and how to find the evidence you need to solve your case.  Whether evidence is found on the scene,  found in background checks, gathered from surveillance or unlocked from a digital device, you can be confident that if the evidence is there, a skilled PI will find, analyse and present the information and evidence you need to close your case and solve your mystery.