Computer Forensics in Coral Springs, Pembroke Pines, and Pompano Beach

Benefits of computer forensics


                Computer forensics is a relatively new forensics branch which appeared in the early 80`s as a result to the increased number of computer crimes. This happened as a result of the computers becoming more accessible to consumers. Nowadays this branch of forensics has come a long way and deals with the investigation of things like espionage, cyberstalking, fraud and even murders.

Its main job is to analyze the digital information, preserve it and also presenting facts and opinions about it in court.  The forensic processes that the information passes through consist of a number of techniques used in order to extract the data from different devices and to store it in a safe location.

A new and very important computer forensics technique is called Cross drive-analysis and is used to correlate the information found on different hard drives. This process is usually used in order to perform anomaly detections and also for identifying social networks that may be involved in murders or other violations of the law.

Another main technique to extract important information from computers and other devices is referred to as Deleted Files. This technique is commonly used in the field of forensics in order to recover deleted information. This is possible because most operating systems and file systems do not completely erase the information, thing that makes it possible for detectives using specially designed software to reconstruct it from the physical disk sector.

As a conclusion, we can admit that computer forensics has come a long way since it started and that it can be very helpful for investigator to find out important information about a case only by analyzing the data contained on a hard drive or on any other electronic device. Information that may come in handy when trying to find out more about a fraud which can take place in even potentially secure locations such as Broward, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood Fl, and even in Miami.