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What computer forensics actually mean

Have you ever thought what computer forensics actually means? What if they could interest you directly? If you answer to the first question is yes, then by reading this article you will find important information that will help you understand exactly what this type of investigation does.

First of all, the term computer forensics mainly refers to an investigation done on any computing device that is suspected to have been used in any illegal activities. Its main goal is to gather and preserve the information found on these devices in a suitable way, in order to able to present them in court.

During the investigation, forensic investigators start by making a copy of the device`s storage media, while storing it in a safe location, where nothing can affect the information stored on the device. After this copy is made, the original device is stored in a secure storage facility, and all the investigations are done on the copy.

Upon further investigation, the forensic investigators will use specially developed software and a variety of techniques in order to find out if there are hidden folders, and unallocated disk space for encrypted, deleted, or damaged files that could be related to any illegal activities. Every information that may be important for the investigation, found on the digital copy is stored on a “finding report”, and will later be verified in order to see if it can also be found on the original device.

As a consequence of all the advances made in the computer technology field, computer forensics has become a standalone area of scientific expertise, which also reflects its importance. Also because of this, computer forensics services can now be found even in areas such as Broward, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood FL, and even in Miami.