What to Expect

What You Can Expect,

You can expect an industry leading reporting product. Our professional investigative team not only knows how to collect the information needed to support your case, they know how to deliver the findings to our clients in an industry leading reporting format. Our reporting standards are simple, just the facts in an easy on the eyes layout. No need to fumble through image files and reports, we input case making images on reports for you. In some cases, we’ll input picture in picture settings with instructional arrows to guide the reader along. Our system of reporting the facts has been proven to produce “Game Changing” results in court settings. We understand the immense value of producing an article of evidence that the jury finds ” Visibly Appealing”.

You Can Also Expect,

Expect to pay less for our services.

Expect to be treated in a helpful and professional manner.

Expect to be provided with an honest evaluation, if we can’t help you, we’ll tell you.

Expect us to customize your investigation in a manner that minimizes your cost.

Expect to receive daily updates on the progress being made with your case.

Expect a refund if we complete your case prior to exhausting your retainer.

Investigative Reporting Sample – G.P.S. Surveillance Report