Private Investigator in Broward, Miami and Pembroke Pines FL

A private investigator to solve your case and bring you closure

Sometimes life brings on us situations that we don’t want and sometimes we bring them on ourselves. But in most cases this will be a situation you want to and need to solve. It could be a simple case of an accident, it could be the infidelity of a spouse or it could be something more sinister. Maybe you have become embroiled, advertently or inadvertently, in a plot or a conspiracy.

It is in situations like these that you will often need the services of a private investigator or PI.

Saffron Investigations conducts all kinds of investigative work in Broward, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood Fl and Miami.

Whatever the nature of your case, be it related to an accident, a cheating lover, a wayward child, a missing person, some insurance fraud, theft or child custody and alimony, you want an investigator who knows his stuff. Michael Moloney is such an investigator.

A private investigator must have the skills and know-how to perform a wide range of detective work, from basic background checks to surveillance, from computer forensics to tracking and following. You want to solve your case and you want it done as quickly and as quietly as possible. For this you need a detective that not only has theoretical knowledge, but years of field world and real life experience in the art and science of investigative work.

When you need to observe a target, follow a vehicle or even engage a suspect you need to know what you are doing. This is the type of work that takes years of practice to perfect. Any mistakes can be costly and is some cases, even deadly.  Whether your case is of a domestic, civil or criminal nature, it is something you want to close and bury so you can move on. If so get professional help from an investigator who knows how to find evidence and solve cases. This is the only effective way to get the closure your need and deserve.