Private Detective and Private Investigator in Miami Beach, Palm Beach FL and Surrounding Areas

Saffron Investigations can help you with a private detective in Miami, Miami Beach, Palm Beach FL, Palm Beach Gardens FL, Plantation FL or Pompano Beach FL. They have top rates investigators who can help you with most types of cases. Maybe you just need a background check or maybe your case is more complicated, such as tracing and finding a missing person. Whatever your case, Saffron Investigations will assign the right private detective to help.

Private Detective and Private Investigator in Miami Beach, Palm Beach FLA private detective has various skills and traits that enable him or her to carry out an investigation in a professional and discreet manner. These include communication skills, observation skills, analytical skills, self-confidence and forensic skills. A private investigator has a keen sense of detail. He would pick up on small details that others will miss. A private detective is a critical thinker and knows how to solve problem.

The ability to conduct effective interviews is often the cornerstone of an instigation. IA good investigator can quickly pick up on discrepancies and contradictions. He or she can recognize gaps in any story and will ask the appropriate questions to clarify the information. A private investigator is also good at body language and can often recognize when a witness is lying or withholding information. A private detective is persistent and has a lot of patience. He knows things can take time, but that persistence and patience will pay off.  A private investigator also has empathy and understands that clients may be distressed by the results and findings.

The work of a private detective often required the use of specialized equipment and techniques such as required for surveillance, observation, tracking, analytics and forensics.  Research is also an important part of certain investigations. A good investigative agency such as Saffron also has experts in the fields of research and forensics.