Investigator in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, FL

A detective can help bring your case to a close

If you need a detective or investigator to help you solve a case in South Florida cities such as Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, FL, Saffron Investigations can help. They will assign an experienced and qualified private detective to handle your case in a discreet and effective manner.


A private investigator can deal with all types of cases including personal matters, commercial cases and criminal cases. Whether your case involves infidelity, child custody, inheritance, accident investigation, 3rd party claims, insurance fraud, theft, suicide, homicide, missing persons or basic background checks, a PI can help.


A detective has the skills and experience to perform a wide range of tasks that may be required to conduct a proper and conclusive investigation. These include surveillance, tracing, tracking, following, interrogating, forensics, photography, video and more. An investigator is also adept at finding relevant evidence. A private detective knows what evidence to look for, where and how to find the required evidence and how to analyse that evidence.


A detective also pays close attention to details as the smallest detail that the average person will overlook will not go unnoticed to the trained eye of an experienced investigator. Whether that detail lies in forensics, behavior or background information, if it is relevant and important, an experienced detective will quickly latch on to it.


An investigator also has knowledge of criminal law as well as social sciences such as criminology. For example a professional investigator will know what evidence will be admissible in court of law and what evidence will not be allowed.


Whether you are faced with a personal matter, a business matter or a criminal matter, it is important to bring the case to a close as soon as possible. Any adverse situation that remains unsolved will fester and cause pain or financial loss or both. A private detective can help bring your case to a close faster than anyone else.