Fraud Investigator in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Sunrise, Pompano Beach and Weston, FL

Hand-picked fraud investigator to help solve your case

We live in a world where corruption is rife and there are often vultures and thieves at the door. One such a door is fraud and it comes in many unpleasant flavors.  Insurance fraud, individual fraud, corporate fraud and online fraud are some broad examples. If you are or think you are a victim of fraud then you should seek the help of a fraud investigator. Saffron Investigations offer detective services in Broward, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood FL and Miami.

A professional investigator knows how to tackle a fraud case and where to look for the kind evidence that can lead to a conviction. Many fraudsters use clever trickery to gain a financial benefit from you or your company. Fraud can have many disguises such as scams, cons, forgery, Ponzi schemes, double-crosses, advance fees, bribes and other swindles. Some of the most common types of fraud include credit card fraud, insurance fraud, telemarketing fraud, impersonation fraud, identity theft, advance fee fraud, health care fraud, bond fraud, letter of credit fraud, investment fraud, market manipulation and Ponzi and Pyramid schemes.

Whatever type of con you are dealing with you are likely to suffer financial loss as well as emotional damage. The longer you allow the con to go unchecked the greater the loss and the damage is likely to be.  A private detective or investigator has the knowledge and experience to get to the bottom of a fraud case.  They use techniques such as background checks, surveillance, data analysis, forensics, interviews, interrogation as well as sophisticated tools, programs and software.

A fraud investigator know where to look and can quickly identify red flags and other signs that indicate something is fishy. These could be unusual transactions, suspicious addresses, and odd behavior patterns and so on. When you deal with handpicked investigators from Saffron you will have the best chance of solving your fraud case in the quickest possible time.