Fraud Investigator in Delray Beach, Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach, FL

A detective and fraud investigator in Florida

Fraud is a daily occurrence and many of us will be a victim some time or another. In such a case you may well need the services of a detective or fraud investigator. Saffron Investigations offers detective services in Broward, Coral Springs FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Hollywood FL, Miami, Pembroke Pines FL, Plantation FL, Pompano Beach FL, Sunrise FL and Weston FL.

Insurance fraud is common and insurance companies invest a lot of money and resources in order to fight that kind of fraud. However there are many other types of frauds and scams that one has to be aware of.  Online fraud, telemarketing fraud, Nigerian 419 fraud, identity theft, advance fee scams,  bond fraud, business fraud, check fraud, credit card fraud and many more.

A fraud investigator will often deal with cases related to identity theft, check fraud, insurance fraud, forgery, mortgage fraud, title deed fraud, black mail and flim flam scams. Fraud can cost you a lot of money and damage your reputation as well as your credit score. It can also scar you mentally and emotionally.  A private detective is trained to deal with fraud cases and resolving matters favourably. A fraud investigator will find the evidence you may need for various actions such as an insurance claim or dealing with your bank or a creditor.  A detective will often get enough evidence to also bring the fraudsters to justice.

When dealing with a fraud case a detective will use many skills and resources in order to get to the bottom of things and resolve your case. These could include computer forensics, spy equipment, surveillance, background checks and more. You have a far better chance of getting positive results when you have a private detective on your side and helping you through the whole process.