Fraud Investigator and Private Investigator in Plantation FL, Sunrise FL and Nearby Cities

Several new kinds of crimes are occurring every day. One of the most common ones that are frequently heard or read in the newspapers is a fraud-related crime. There are plenty of instances where a business owner or an individual has been betrayed for the benefit of money. This has led to disastrous consequences for the people and therefore, the right form of punishment is necessary. And for that, you will need solid evidence and an honest investigation. If you have been struggling with such a case, then you should resort to an expert fraud investigator who has dealt with a number of fraud investigations before. We, at Saffron Investigations, can be the right choice for you. We have the experience and expertise to deal with several investigative cases including personal injury, infidelity, child custody, insurance claims, employment background checks, missing person investigations, sexual harassment case investigations, forensic services, criminal defense, and fraud investigations. So, if you want to seek the truth and collect the requisite evidence for a fraud case in areas such as Palm Beach Gardens FL, Pembroke Pines FL, Plantation FL, Pompano Beach FL, Sunrise FL, or West Palm Beach FL, you can resort to us.

Fraud Investigator, Private Investigators, Plantation FL, Sunrise FL Here, we have put together a few common types of fraud investigation cases. Take a look.

  • Identity Theft

The fraudulent practices of a person who uses another individual’s identity including name and personal details to acquire a credit, loan, or other financial benefits is known as identity theft. This is the most common kind of fraud case which needs serious investigation.

  • Forgery

The act of forging a document, banknote, document, or copying an artwork, signature, and other such data or statistics with the intention of changing public opinion or earn a monetary benefit by selling the forged item is known as forgery and must be thoroughly investigated.

Other such cases would include title fraud, flim-flam scams, mortgage fraud, check fraud, and so on. For assistance regarding these fraudulent cases or others, you can contact us at the earliest.