Criminal Defense Private Investigator in Florida, Palm Beach, Miami, and all the Surrounding Areas

Saffron Investigations can help you with a criminal defense private investigator in Broward, Florida, Miami and Palm Beach. If you are a defense attorney and you need evidence to help your client’s case, then you may well need the services of a criminal defense private investigator. 


Law enforcement and the legal justice system are important pillars in a democracy and capitalist society. However they don’t always get it right. A private investigator can help prove the system got it wrong or create reasonable doubt.  


As a criminal defence attorney you work with evidence and cross examination of evidence. When evidence is not totally convincing or where there is doubt, a criminal defense investigator can make a substantial difference. 


Saffron Investigations can provide you with an experienced criminal defense private investigator. A criminal investigator knows what to look for where to look. A good investigator has certain traits and skills. He is patient and he pays meticulous attention to detail. He has developed and instinct and a nose for leads and evidence. 


There are many cases of sloppy police work. Witnesses not questioned, scene contamination, vital evidence overlooked and so on. Police are often overworked and don’t have the resources to follow up on every lead.  


A criminal defense private investigator will be thorough. He can question witnessed, find new witnesses, examine a crime scene and uncover new or contradictory evidence. A criminal investigator can provide you with the evidence and ammunition you need. As a defence lawyer you know how to present the evidence in court. You know how to cross question witnesses. You know how to present timelines and create reasonable doubt. A criminal defense private investigator from Saffron will do the ground and street work to get you the ammunition you need.