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Detective stories and movies have always been fascinating us, even since childhood. Everyone loves a good crime solved mystery case but reality is not always as it appears to be on the silver screen.

Find out what a true investigator should be like and what are the skills that they need to have, in the article below.

Detectives and investigators worldwide might have changed their ways, their solving skills, their tools but some factors will always remain the same.

There are some things every good detective should have in order to solve a case and extend their careers. You could say some people are born with this gift, but you can also become a true investigator with a little bit of work from your part.

 So what makes a good detective stand out from the crowd?

One of the most important things in this matter is the ability to see beyond what people are saying and how they are acting. Intuition would be another word for it, but in this case it is also about rational and comprehensive thinking. A good investigator will have the power to make people around trust them and they will be very subtle about their ways as well.

Persistence is another important skill of a true detective. Because they are not usually going to finish a case in a couple of hours, detectives need to be patient about getting the desired results and know that each step, no matter how small, is in their favor if it’s made forward.

A detective will also have good interrogation skills. It’s all about knowing whom you are talking to and realizing that one interviewing technique will not necessarily have the same effect on someone else.

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